Dushanbe - Душанбе



Design Center at Aga Khan Humanities Project presents you flexible informational system ‘Dushanbe’.

In demo version you will not find a lot of information, but you will be able to discover possibilities of the system fully.

Here are some examples of the functionality:

  1. Create objects of any type. Fill the information about the object. Put thumbnail and unlimited images as slideshow for each object. You can change properties of object any time. You can create your own type. You can filter visible objects to view only selected types of objects.
  2. Define events for objects. System will notify you about what happening in time event comes.
  3. Define zones, regions of your own interest. Change any properties of regions. Count the space region takes.
  4. Create your own routes. They could be marked any time you want to recall them through Window/Routes menu. Define type for route. It will help you to divide bus route from your custom way for example.
  5. Find any street and see where it goes and how long it is. Change the name of the street or create new.
  6. Change the view of the map. Several maps are available. Simple map is recommended for slower machines.
  7. View images of any street by choosing View/Show Images of the Streets. Full images are not available in demo.
  8. Count distances between any points. Counting distance of the routes is also available.




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